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Fashion Recycling

Do you know that the Fashion industry alone contributes a whooping estimate of 92 Million tons of waste to the environment annually? (source:

According to the EPA, even though you donate your old/used/unused clothes, 84% of the clothes you donate still end up in landfills and incinerators. (source:

The TOL Bespoke Fashion Recycling Program

We are pivoting a fashion recycling/upcycling arm of our business which has the sole goal of "reducing the fashion waste (cloth, shoes, textile, and bags) that end up in landfill" and creating a sustainable fashion line from these fashion waste materials

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Do you know that when your old clothes end up in the landfill and decompose, it releases greenhouse gases into the environment? 

Do you also know that when you throw away your used clothes and they end up n the landfill, textiles from clothing take over 200 years to decompose in a landfill? 

And to top it off, not only do those textiles generate greenhouse gases, but they also leach toxic chemicals and dyes into the groundwater and our soil while they are decomposing. 

Imagine the damage that our improperly disposed clothes do to the environment!

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Our fashion recycling program aims to educate our local community about the appropriate ways to dispose of their fashion waste, that is old fashion items (clothes, shoes, and bags). Our recycling program is our way of doing our part in the sustainability of the environment. 

Our goal is to reduce the fashion waste that goes into the landfill  
So, If you have clothes, shoes, and bags that you no longer use, you can drop them off at our recycling center and you will get a gift card!
We also offer pickup. 

Text FASHIONRECYCLING to 4439602185. 
Dispose properly! 

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