The Joy Dress

The Joy Dress

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Imagine a bright little girl in a ball dress, hopping joyfully as she strides...

That is the beauty and symbol of the Joy dress.


*Mommy's version and special orders available on request


*Other Details and Materials Used:

Lightweight Polyester Tulle Net

100% Cotton print

Soft Hem Horsehair

Satin underlining



    *Please be sure to choose from the appropriate size category as these clothes are custom-made and cannot be returned.

    *It is the buyer's sole responsibility to be aware of any allergies which his/her child(ren) may have to cotton fabric and/or other materials used in the production of this item because there is no way for us to know. Consequently, we will not be held liable for any allergic reaction that may occur as a result of wearing our clothes.

    *There are NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS AND,  NO EXCHANGES, our clothes are custom-made to each client.

    * Proceeding with this purchase means that you have read, understood and, accepted the content of this disclaimer.

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