The Daisy Dress: Bust of Colors

The Daisy Dress: Bust of Colors


Oh, Dear Daisy! 
Swaddled in innocence, enveloped in purity.
Our Daisy dress is available.
If you've got class and style, your closet is not complete without The Daisy Dress!

The Daisy Dress is also available in MONOSTRAP and FULL SLEEVE Variants.
Now available for order.


    Please Note:

    • Because our apparels are custom made, there are NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS, AND NO EXCHANGES! However, kindly contact us if you have any issues with your order.

    Please ensure you read and understand the size chart for guidelines on choosing the right size for your orders.


    Due to the fact that our attires are made using high-quality custom-made fabrics, it is important that you read, understand and apply the laundry instructions indicated. TOL Bespoke International will not be liable for any damage to any part of the fabric or attire as a result of not adhering to the indicated laundry instructions.


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