Queen of Magnificence Prom/Dinner/Evening/Bridal Dress

Queen of Magnificence Prom/Dinner/Evening/Bridal Dress

Looks so stunning, right?

Imagine that dress on you...

you walk in dazzling like a queen,

stealing the spotlight...

everyone's eyes on you because you look like...

The Queen of Magnificence!

This dress is a showstopper! 

Now taking orders for Prom 2020.


    Please note:

    Because our attires are custom-made, there are NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES, and NO RETURNS

    However, please contact us if you have any issues with your order.


    Please include in your order: Bust, Waist and Hip Measurements. (Refer to our virtual measurement tool for clients from out-of-state)

    Please ensure you read and understand the size chart for guidelines on choosing the right size for your orders.


    Due to the fact that our attires are made using high-quality custom-made fabrics, it is important that you read, understand and apply the laundry instructions indicated. TOL Bespoke International will not be liable for any damage to any part of the fabric or attire as a result of not adhering to the indicated laundry instructions.