Fittings and Alterations

Fittings and Alterations

Thank you for choosing us.
*Consultation fee is non-refundable. If you decide to proceed with your order, the consultation fee paid will go towards the deposit for your order.

*A grace period of 15 minutes is given within which you should arrive for your appointment. Your appointment will be canceled after 15 minutes of lateness and the fee is non-refundable 

*Appointments can be rescheduled with a 24-hour prior notice at no charge.

*Please ensure that you schedule your alteration consultation at least 3 weeks before your garment is needed. The turnaround time for alterations is 2-3 weeks depending on our workload.

* You will need to be physically present for all alteration fittings.

*All alterations are final.

*Booking this appointment signifies that you agree to these terms.