Bedazzled Customized Masks

Bedazzled Customized Masks


Mask up in our Bling Custom masks. 

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Order for yourself and use it as gifts to your loved ones, order this Bling Customized masks and share some love.


  • 4-Ply (for added protection)
  • 2 layers of 100% cotton and 2 layers of fabric filter
  • Breathable
  • Nose Grove Wire for Closure and Fitting
  • Reusable




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    • The CDC recommends that every American should wear a face mask as a form of face covering. We are producing these non-medical grade face masks as an alternative, not a replacement to the scarce supply of the medical-grade face masks. In addition to using this face mask, we recommend that you practice the safety measures as advised by health experts such as regular hand washing, social distancing, no touching of face, eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • These masks are not medical or surgical devices. They are not intended to guarantee any filtration or protection against particulate materials, bacterial or viral particles including Coronavirus COVID19.
    • The components used in making these masks have not been tested or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to serve as a precautionary measure against viruses or bacterial or any hazardous particulate materials and have not been tested for flammability and biocompatibility.
    • This mask has not been tested or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to serve as an ideal protective physical barrier for use in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected; use in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high, and use in the presence of a high-intensity heat source or flammable gas.

    Due to the fact that our attires are made using high-quality custom-made fabrics, it is important that you read, understand and apply the laundry instructions indicated. TOL Bespoke International will not be liable for any damage to any part of the fabric or attire as a result of not adhering to the indicated laundry instructions.


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